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SA: Lazarus | Vagabond | Hedgewitch by dayzea SA: Lazarus | Vagabond | Hedgewitch by dayzea


Lazarus for themoonphase by strixx-variaa

What was left when that fire was gone?
I thought it felt right but that right was wrong

[Astral Tracker]

        Name: Lazarus
        Gender: Stallion
Age: 47
Breed: Kirin
Build: Lusitano/Lipizzan
Height: 17.1hh
Colour: Mealy chestnut pearl splash [Aa/nPng/nPrl/nSpl]
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Mate: None
Offspring: None
odiac: The Griffin

Herd: Vagabond
Rank: Hedgewitch (apothecary & general medicine)
Location: Primarily travels between Sirith and Onea

Talent: N/A
Blessing: N/A
Patron God: Ignacio
Relations: none
Voice Actor: Peter Serafinowicz as Pate
        Human FC: Barry Pepper
Theme Song: Waiting for the End


Brilliant | Diligent (+ Resourceful) | Humble | Genial | Hot-Tempered | Manipulative | Conservative | Honest | Irritable | Altruistic | Pragmatic

Lazarus won’t quit until he’s learned everything there is to know about essentially everything. He’s constantly studying Hireath’s lore, and he has a passion for the sciences, particularly medicine. His comprehension levels are high and, according to him, he "can spot an imbecile from a mile away." There’s never a moment when he’s not deep in thought, calculating, and observing. One can easily stumble upon him reading encyclopedias and mumbling gibberish equations to himself. That being said, work is his greatest passion, and Lazarus takes his job very seriously. He finds it easy to stay focused when formulating new potions and medicinal recipes, and at the same time, enjoys educating others in his craft and expanding his own horizons by utilizing new ingredients and components. No matter what he’s doing, Lazarus finds a way to tie in his work, and is rather preachy in the matter; almost annoyingly so.

Most would assume that Kirins, when they lived over a thousand years ago, believed themselves to be high and mighty. Ignacio might argue the same, but Lazarus doesn’t particularly care for his flashy scales and magnificent antlers. He’s very much supports the equality of all species and believes each is fascinating in its own way. This is not to say he’s not proud of his heritage, or where he came from. To put it bluntly, in the past he was corrupted, arrogant, and overly proud. He hopes to change that by living the rest of his life modestly and being respectful of all living creatures.* Although he has accepted Ignacio as his patron god, he no longer goes out of his way to pray. In actuality, he rarely acknowledges Ignacio, or any god for that matter, unless he has a patient in a critical and/or dying state. In that case, he will pray to their patron god(s).

Ninety-nine percent of the time, Lazarus appears rather stone-faced serious. In reality, he has a decent sense of humour; the fact is it can be hard to crack at times. He always does his best to be friendly, approachable and warm (especially with children), and there is not a single mean bone in his body. He simply is not the boisterous and loud variety of cheerful. Set that aside, and Lazarus is quite easy to set off and does not tolerate foolishness... especially if you express arrogance or bigotry. He doesn't stand for rudeness in any form, especially toward those he is close to, but he is also defensive toward those he doesn't know as well... unless, of course, you deserve it. Confrontation isn't his forte and he won't physically fight you over anything. He's great at using his words. However, that being said, he won't talk down to anyone, ever. He treats everyone as if they're on the same social pedestal as he is, regardless of their age, rank, or level of education. Also, you'll never hear a foul word come out of this kirin's mouth. However, it is incredibly easy to get under his skin, especially during the times when he is working. It is a matter of fact that if you disrupt him whilst he's studying you're bound to slip right under. It is highly recommended that if you happen to approach him whilst he's on a rant to himself that you return at a later time because he gets rather irritated when he loses his train of thought. The kirin speaks rather formally and, despite the previous fact, his speech is free of derogatory and insulting words. However, his artistic tongue finds it easy to twist the words of others and totally revert their minds into belief. He handles his predicaments in a careful manner and always thinks before he speaks. Basically, he's an old grandpa, but he does is best to tell the truth as far as he can bring it.

Perhaps the primary reason he's so well suited for his rank is the fact that he's more concerned about the wellbeing of others than he is himself. Although he certainly wouldn't give his life for just anyone, he'll go far and wide to do what it takes to protect and assist another individual if it means their good health. He does not take on any new patients until his current one is fully healed, to ensure full attention is properly given. He deals with matters in the way in which he knows they will get done most quickly and efficiently, creating the least amount of stress and suffering. He does not follow any sort of tradition or tutorial, he takes what knowledge he has and applies it as is necessary.

***For a short time after his rebirth, Lazarus had a mild fear of unicorns. This fear has since diminished.


Lazarus’ past is long and storied, and not altogether proud. It is not a tale he likes to tell, as there is not much he remembers. The ancient creature lived over a thousand years ago. He was a Dragon Hoplite, with nearly thirty years of experience in the art, and Fala, his companion, was practically a second daughter to the scaled equine. Most of his days were spent at her side, practicing her magnificent, refined skill. But this, he cannot recall. He can remember that when not training with Fala, he took up a strong interest in apothecary and the science behind medicine, though was never quite as strong in the field as when it came to dragons and his intense, burning love for his Fala.

Now, he spends his days reading ancient encyclopedias and practicing his medicinal hobby. Even though his greatest companion no longer towers over him, he is happy.

But how can you ask him to recall his own death? To remember the remorseless manslaughter, and the blood curdling screams of his brethren as they were thrown off the earth; smothered one by one. To think of the misery that swept itself over him like a disease ridden duvet as he was held back to watch his own wife and daughter beheaded before his once bright eyes, as if it were a circus game. To remember what was planned to be the Kirin’s triumphant march up Skeldr, where Lazarus would meet my own demise. Feeling the chill creep up his rigid, aging bones despite the strength brought by the lava flow beneath that he had prayed would paralyze him from the pain that would follow.

He, with several other of his kind were cornered by Kaia’s children at the plateau. They were pushed back with all their avidity and forced off the peak. He could hear the mountain rumble as his dragon screamed for him, unable to move from her magnificent restraints at the base of Skeldr, yet she knew, and her deafening roars were the last thing the kirin heard. He would die before he hit the bottom, his heart exploding within seconds. Instantaneously, it was all over.

This, he remembers.

Utter blackness was all that followed. Many wonder what death brings, whether there is simply nothing or a lavish life afterwards… you cannot know until you get there.

A thousand years passed like a gust of wind, a literal blink of his eye. Lazarus first awoke in a dream, in the middle of the night. He was placed in Sirith woods, into a band of wanderers. He could remember a new fear of unicorns, for he trembled when he laid his eyes upon Rynn, the bard whom he first laid eyes upon. He remembers the moments before he was reborn - the hazy portal where Ignacio granted him second life. The daunting whispers of the fire god as his flame enveloped him in preparation of what was to come.

Lazarus did not ask for this. To reborn in a new world who hates his kind. He embraces the life of a lonely vagabond, roaming Hireath woods and remaining hidden from those who do not call for his aid.

Other Notes

- Lazarus is incredibly fit and in great shape for his age. Appears more-so to be in his mid-thirties.
- His scales are extremely hard and their edges are sharp
- Snake/reptilian pupils
- Elk antlers
- Scales and antlers glisten in the sunlight; they resemble peridot
- Lower half of his mane is long, about 10 inches. Top half is short and styled in a mohawk fashion
- Dew claws on all four fetlocks

Coat design courtesy of strixx-variaa 
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